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Product Development

Webieon Technologies Pvt. Ltd is established to serve as a body to promote Innovation and New Product Development in India.

If you have a passion for and professional interest in product innovation and new product development do not look further. Join us today.

Many companies target innovation to drive their growth, but few provide the necessary strategic foundation for technology, product and operational innovation. Sometimes that foundation is too narrow, and at other times it's not sufficiently defined. Only a few companies have built their innovation strategy and aligned the organization to realize repeatable, reliable innovation. In the past, engineers have typically focused on product design and innovation through newer technologies, while marketers have focused on market and competitor intelligence and customer preferences. The time has come for an effective integration of these two focal areas for the successful launch of break-through products. With Webieon Technologies Pvt. Ltd emerging as a Knowledge Power, and global opportunities knocking at the doors, it is necessary to focus on the front-end of innovation and new product development.

With a view to fill-in deficiencies and gain more knowledge in these emerging areas, it was decided to bring together all interested stakeholders to set the process in motion. A not-for-profit organization named Product Development & Management Association, India has now been established as a Registered Society to serve as a body to promote Innovation and New Product Development in India.